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Kansas County Clerks And Election Officials Association Scholarship 2022

Information for current year will be available in January of that year. Instructions and qualifications are available below

All applications including essay, transcripts and letters are due on/or before March 31, 2022 electronically and postmarked by March 31, 2022 if mailed. You may deliver to your County Clerk/Election Official by the due date and it will be forwarded to the Scholarship Chairperson.  The $500 Scholarship winners will be announced at the KCCEOA meeting and each winner will be contacted by their County Clerk by May 15th.

Scholarship Application Qualifications and Instructions

County Clerk's Mission:
It is our mission to model excellence in local government through
accountability to the community. We strive daily to address the
obligations of the office of the County Clerk in a compassionate
and fiscally responsible manner. We are dedicated to continually
improving and increasing our efficiency while providing extra-
 ordinary service to the citizens of McPherson County.

Clerk's Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Maintain minutes of all county commission meetings and resolutions.
  • Place all certified Special Assessments and Intangibles on the tax roll.
  • Prepare tax abstracts and other reports required by the State.
  • Administer oaths of office and maintain copies of all oaths.
  • Maintain and research birth, death and marriage records prior to 1911.
  • Prepare Homestead and Food Sales Tax forms at no charge to the public.
  • Receive and review budgets from every taxing entity in the county.
  • Set the tax levies.
  • Authorized retailer of KDWP hunting, fishing, park permits and boat registrations.
  • Maintain and provide information to the public concerning every election.
  • Provide educational programs on voter registration and voting.
  • Conduct and supervise all elections held in the County.
  • Maintain and update voter registration records.
  • Conduct election schools for election board members.
  • Receive candidate filings, fee and expense statements.
  • Secure polling sites and assign board workers.
  • Prepare ballots for printing and delivery to polling sites.
  • All other duties designated by Kansas statute.

County Clerk: Hollie Melroy


County Clerk & Staff 

Hollie D. Melroy: County Clerk
Colleen Yarosh: Deputy Clerk & Elections Deputy                  

Pat Clifton: Clerk II
Bailey McClure: Clerk II

  1. McPherson County Clerk

    117 N. Maple

    P.O. Box 425

    McPherson, KS 67460

    Ph: (620) 241-3656

    Fx: (620) 241-1168


    8:00 am - 5:00 pm