Activities & Services

Activities & Services

  • Provide cost-share herbicides for noxious weed control (75% of cost)
  • Treat all county roads for noxious and non-noxious weeds
  • Treat all railroad right-of-ways for noxious weeds
  • Provide custom application on township right-of-ways for musk thistle and johnson grass
  • Provide custom application on private pasture/rangeland for musk thistle control
  • Provide assistance in obtaining commercial applicators for musk thistle control
  • Noxious weed inspections
  • Noxious and general weed control recommendations
  • Survey state assigned sections for noxious weeds
  • Weed identification

The McPherson County Weed Department is committed to treat the noxious weeds within the county and to work with agencies, landowners and individuals in assisting with control of noxious weeds on their property. The department is also committed to environmentally sound practices of noxious weed control and to use treatment methods, which are as safe and environmentally responsible as possible.


County Weed Directors Association of Kansas

Kansas Dept of Ag Noxious Weed Control Program