Mill History Timeline

1872 Charles Johnson & C.R. Sundstrom operate first grist mill
1880 Flood waters damage mill
1882 J.G. Bergsten & Francis Johnson build second grist mill
1889 Grist mill converted to a modern roller mill
1890 Theo. Teichgraeber leases mill, adds steam power
1892 Theo. Teichgraeber purchases mill
1897 Mill burns down
1898 Present mill built by Teichgraeber
1903 Major flood damages property
1907 New dam installed. Mr. & Mrs. Teichgraeber pass away
1908 Sons Emil & Carl Teichgraeber operate mill
1910 Mr. & Mrs. William Hagstrom, Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Hagstrom purchase mill
1920s Mill closes for a time
1934 Runbeck brothers reopen mill
1930s Flood waters destroy dam
Mill operates with electrical power
1951 Kenneth & Edwin Johnson manage mill
1955 Mill closes
1962 Mill given to McPherson County
1974 George Tesarek begins restoration of mill machinery
1981 Restoration complete