Court Services

Court Services Within the 9th Judicial District

Court Services is responsible for the supervision of both juvenile and adult offenders.
Court Services Officers are tasked with providing a host of additional services at the Court’s directive including:
  • Probation Supervision
  • Pre-dispositional Reports
  • Pre-sentence Reports
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Bond Supervision

As well as serving as the Court’s primary referral source to community service providers in the area of substance abuse and mental health referrals.

Mission Statement for Kansas Court Services

Under the authority of the Kansas Judicial Branch and the laws of the State of Kansas, the purpose of Court Services is to carry out the orders of the court in a timely, professional, and ethical manner consistent with community interests. This is carried out by completing the responsibilities of court reports, supervision, which holds offenders accountable for their behavior, promotes public safety and improves the ability of offenders to live more productively and responsibly in the community.

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