Victim Witness

McPherson County Victim/Witness Services

McPherson County Victim/Witness Services: Dwila Busse, Coordinator

Victim Information: call (620) 241-1027

Advocate for victims of crime; notify victims that a case has been filed or declined by our office; notify and subpoena victims for hearings in their case and accompany them to court when needed; assist with restitution, working with the victim’s service providers, Insurance Companies and the Attorney General’s Compensation Board and assessing it to the defendant; prepare worthless check cases for prosecution or diversion;
Notice of hearings.
Outcome of hearings.
Defendant information, location if in prison, release dates.
Website for Department of Corrections and Notification.

Once a case is filed, the office of the County Attorney will send you notice, information and an Impact Statement

Hearings: call (620) 241-1027

Subpoenas; dates, times, if the hearing is continued or, if you need to have a hearing continued and place.

Evidence: call at (620) 241-1027

Assistance in getting victims property back if a victim has an item that was stolen and then taken by a Law Enforcement Agency as evidence.

Restitution: call at (620) 241-1027

Defendants convicted and assessed restitution will make payments to the McPherson County Clerk of the District Court. The Clerks then forward the checks to the Victim/Witness office to be mailed to the Victims.

Victims wanting to know the status of their case or need information on amounts and dates of payments.

Once a case is filed in the District Court, as a Victim you will receive a letter from the County Attorney’s Office and should receive a Restitution Application.

Victims needing medical or mental assistance because of the crime committed against them may apply to the Crime Victims Compensation Board.

Restraining Orders (PFA or PFS): call the Crisis Hot Line (620) 241-6615 or (800) 701-3630.

For assistance with requirements, forms, local resources, shelter, or 911 phones.

Worthless checks: call at (620) 241-1027