Tax Foreclosure Sale

The law regarding a tax foreclosure sale is found in KSA 79-2801 et seq. You may research the statutes from the State's website:


Courthouse is located at:

117 N Maple St.

McPherson, KS 67460


  1. All bidders must register and obtain a number to be used during the auction.
  2. Property will be sold to and a deed issued to the purchaser as registered.
  3. At the request of the purchaser, the deed will be prepared in joint tenancy with the purchaser and a spouse, however, not between the purchaser and a second party other than a spouse.
  4. Terms of the sale: CASH. First party personal checks made payable to McPHERSON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT will be accepted. All checks will be deposited immediately by the Sheriff following the sale and are expected to be honored upon presentation.
  5. No bidder may participate in the purchase of any property in which the bidder has an interest in the property as owner or holder of the record title, his or her heirs, devisees, executors, administrators or assigns; nor can any person bid on property on behalf of another who holds such an interest. The successful bidder will be required to swear or affirm to his or her eligibility to purchase the property. A false swearing or affirmation may constitute a felony offense.
  6. With respect to property offered for sale; all taxes, interest and charges due through the second half of the 2018 tax year and prior years will be shown as paid. The purchaser will be responsible for 2019 forward and specials when due, as determined by the McPherson County Treasurer.
  7. The purchaser will receive a Sheriff's Deed.
  8. An $12.00 fee for the first page, $8.00 for every page after, made payable to REGISTER OF DEEDS will be collected from each successful purchaser to be applied on the recording fee. Your deed (or deeds) will be filed directly with the Register of Deeds on your behalf. After recording, the original deed will be forwarded to you at the address you provide at the registration desk.
  9. Neither McPherson County, Kansas, the Sheriff of McPherson County, Kansas, nor any of their agents, may make any representation concerning the value, quality, condition or potential of property sold. The purchaser should make any such determination independently of these proceedings after consultation with independent counsel.
  10. The Board of County Commissioners will not furnish any abstract of title, any commitments to insure from any title insurance company, nor will the Board of County Commissioners of McPherson County, Kansas, furnish any title evidence.
  11. All property is offered for sale "where is" and "as is" and without recourse against McPherson County, Kansas. The Board of County Commissioners of McPherson County, Kansas, will not guarantee nor make any warranties, express or implied, as to the validity or marketable title, or condition of any of the property, or its fitness for any use or purpose. Any expense involved in perfecting title or obtaining title evidence or title insurance shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  12. All purchasers are advised to consult with independent counsel prior to making any bid on this property. Counsel for the Board of County Commissioner cannot give any purchaser legal advice concerning these proceedings.
  13. As per K.S.A. 79-2801 et seq, no person who currently owes delinquent property taxes or special assessments may bid and/or purchase property at a County Tax Foreclosure Sale.