Comprehensive Plan

County Comprehensive Plan Update (2014)
With the conclusion of the previous Comprehensive Plan, the Department is gearing up for an update. The review process will begin in 2014, with a more specific timeline to be published at a later date.

McPherson County Comprehensive Plan: 2004-2014

You can view the current plan by clicking here.

Board of County Commissioners Listed on the Plan
Harris G. Terry, Chairperson
Don L. Schroeder, Vice-Chairperson
Duane J. Patrick, Commissioner

McPherson County Planning Board Listed on the Plan

Ron Loomis, Chairperson
Don Bland, Vice-Chairperson
Thelma Everhart
Ken Hedberg
Billy Hudson
Lynn Kaufman
Doris Ridge
Claire Schmitt
Bryce Turnquist

Staff at the Time

Chad Bahr, Planning and Zoning Administrator
Kevin Beakey, Cartographer

Adoption Procedures

Reviewed by Planning Board: August 18, 2003
Adopted by Board of County Commissioners: September 23, 2003
Resolution Number: 2003 -27