Information for Residents, Realtors, and Developers

Before You Contact the Department

Below are steps realtors, residents, and developers can take prior to contacting the Department that will help us more quickly answer your property questions.

For Your Information

  • The County operates through Zoning, Subdivision, and Sanitation Regulations.
    We don't have a building code, so we don't have building permits or building inspections.
  • Although classified as an urban county by the State of Kansas, Agricultural Production is still the main economic activity in the County and the majority of land use, therefore the County follows State precedence of not zoning Agricultural Districts (A-1).
  • The County requires 40-acres for Zoning Permits seeking new construction. However, there are several cases of pre-existing acreage that simply require review from the Department before proceeding ahead with your project.
  • We have three status types for parcels: Legal, Non-Conforming, and Illegal.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency determines floodplain areas (Special Floodplain Hazard Area-SFHA), programs, and rules. At the county-level, personnel simply administer FEMA's regulations.

Gather Information Before Contacting Us

  1. Contact or visit the Register of Deeds to review any and all deeds pertaining to your property. Record the date, names, and description of the parcel for all applicable deeds.
  2. The date informs us which version of the Zoning Regulations were applicable when a parcel split occurred and will be used to determine the status of your parcel.
  3. Check and record if your property has a water well, septic system, what type of wastewater system (lagoon, lateral field, mound system) is present.